Inspiring Minds Montessori Pre-School accepts children without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability or political affiliation. Please share all pertinent information so that an appropriate individual educational plan can be arranged for your child.

Our admission procedure is as follows:

  • A parent/guardian interview is held with the Director to discuss the Montessori program and the student’s needs.
  • The student comes for an interview with the Director and prospective teacher. A brief screening using Montessori materials is done to assess the child’s skill level.

  • The student comes for a half-day visit. Criteria for class placement include student to teacher ratio, age of student, and boy to girl classroom ratio.

  • A decision is then made by the parent/guardian and Director regarding the student’s date of entry into the program.

Once your child has been accepted, the applicable registration fees must be paid in full. The payment of these fees will reserve a space for your child in our program. Please note that all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Registration Fee:   $200.00 for Toddler and Early Childhood

An application, registration, parental/guardianship agreement, emergency card, and immunization record or wavier for each child must be on file before entering our program. In case of divorce, guardianship must be proven either with a birth certificate or other legal documents. Children enrolling from another school will need to have permanent records transferred to our office by signing a release form that will be sent to the former school.