Montessori Program Overview

Inspiring Minds Montessori Pre-School (IMMS) follows the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, who referred to her method of education as one that takes the student from the study of "self" to the study of the universe. The Montessori curriculum involves the child in a prepared environment wherein he or she can study themselves and their place in life, therefore building and perfecting his or her own character and personality. Each individual area of study is seen as a part of the whole, and all subject matter is integrated together.

The most important goal of Montessori education is personality and character development. This emphasizes values of self-discipline, honesty, responsibility, self-esteem, cooperation and initiative, perseverance, creativity and love of others. Each child is treated as unique individual who works within the scope of his or her own time frame in a positive and enlightening environment, both inside and outside the classroom. Development of the five senses, learning by interaction, learning by doing, and self teaching are but a few of the methods incorporated into the development of the child's intelligence. Music, art, drama, and physical activity are also important elements used within the curriculum to aid in the mind building process. Our approach encourages each child to think for themselves and solve problems independently.

In the academic areas of study, many important and exciting subjects are covered. These include reading, writing, math, language arts, history, geography, zoology and botany. Each subject is systematically developed into a cycle of presentations by professionally trained teachers certified in the Montessori method of education. Each classroom is fully equipped with manipulative learning materials designed to enhance and fine tune each child's learning experience. Each academic area is developed to be fun, exciting, yet challenging to young minds eager to absorb and learn. 

Our belief is that all children should be peer teachers so that they can assist each other in learning responsibility and independence. Children in peer roles are amazingly capable of teaching each other many things, such as positive communication skills, developing good relationships, and positive interaction with peers and adults. Parents are encouraged to learn all about the Montessori method and encourage this way of life at home. The greatest bridge that we can build for our children is the solid foundation that the Montessori method offers to eager young minds at an early age. We, at IMMS, are dedicated to helping our children and our parents in building those strong foundations.